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Jon, Amber and Larkin Allen

The Allen family, owners of Fitness Express LLC, have always had a passion for helping others. They are natives to the beautiful city of Spruce Pine, NC.


Jon will most likely be the face you see when you come by our gym to sign up, and loves getting to know his members and listening to their fitness goals. Jon received his Personal Training certification in 2010, and has been training others ever since. One of Jon's favorite things is watching others grow through exercise, and seeing how his training is benefiting others. Jon also loves going into the school systems and teaching kids how to live a healthy lifestyle at a young age. Training has always been his passion, no matter the age of the trainee.

Amber, is a Kindergarten teacher, but loves to help out at the gym whenever she can. She also teaches tumbling class for kids 1-18 years of age, at Fitness Express. Amber has always had a passion for working with kids, and teaching them healthy habits that can establish into adulthood. 

Larkin is two years old, and loves to run around and workout at the gym whenever possible! He is a friend to all. 


Jon has also had lots of training experience himself. Jon has been competing in drug-free powerlifting for about 7 years now. Jon has programmed all his workouts himself, based on prior experience with training. Jon hit the Elite total of 1,485lbs at the body weight of 198lbs in April 2017. Since then, Jon hit Elite again in October 2017 and putting his total up to 1,500lbs. Jon has a great knowledge on how the body works, and how to muscle mass from his own personal experience.

Jon's dream was to one day own his own gym in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Jon's dream was achieved in April 2017. Prior to buying Fitness express, Jon worked at the gym as a manager for 3 years. Jon already had a personal connection with all the clientele at Fitness Express before buying the gym, and now hopes to strengthen that bond by providing a high quality gym experience every time you walk into the gym.


"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

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